A neglected 12-year-old teenage boy finds a Second World War tank in the forest.

This finding can yield him as much as one million dollars, so it`s a winning lottery ticket for any person living in their small depressed town.

But only the boy knows where this treasure is hidden.


— — —


In the woods, in the suburbs of the little town on the Northen East of Ukraine, a neglected teenager nicknamed Maloy (“Kid”) finds a Second World War tank.

Together with his friend, Maloy googled the information about the tank, and understood that his finding is worth about one million dollars.

It’s a chance. A chance to escape this godforsaken place.

Maloy tries to sell the tank by parts for the nonferrous metals, he reaches a German who is highly interested in returning the remains of his grandfather…

The more he does, the more rumours appear. And the price of these rumours is one million dollars.

For this amount of money the people of his town — from criminals to corrupt police, from school teachers to drunkards in the yard —  can do anything.

But Maloy is ready to struggle for his happiness and will bite it out with his teeth, and those appear to be sharper than the teeth of lots of full-grown wolves.

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